Jeremy Rae David Pappalardo Brendan Sheehan Anthony Puliafico Jr. Jay Driscoll

It's no secret that the world of rock music has gone through some big changes, and Boston, being one of the greatest hubs of hard rock & metal, was hit as hard as any. SILENT SEASON came together during this time, selecting a name that reflects the end of favorite venues, radio stations and record stores. "We selected a band name which has depth to it, an emotional play." says drummer Dave Pappalardo. "There is not exactly a wildfire of new music happening right now, and as musicians we have to stay positive. Silent Season is starting a movement holding the torch for bands which influenced us, with a sound uniquely ours."

Citing influences ranging from Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace to Metallica and The Beatles, SILENT SEASON incubated for a year with lead singer & lyricist Jeremy Rae and drummer Dave Pappalardo writing and rehearsing to define the band before coalescing with guitarists Brendan Sheehan bassist Jay Driscoll and finalizing the line up with guitarist Anthony Puliafico Jr.

The band has worked with producers Alex "The Greek" Hatziyannis at Old Folks Studios, Brad Young who has platinum LFO albums to his credit, and former Creed bassist and Dark New Day singer Brett Hestla. Twelve tracks were recorded for SILENT SEASON's debut album, Breaking Me Down, which came out in the summer of 2012. The album was mastered at M-Works Studios in Cambridge, MA by Grammy-nominated producer Jonathan Wyner, whose credits include Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie and Aerosmith.

After a great national response and quickly making a name for themselves, SILENT SEASON decided it was time to record their new music since their sound has evolved. The band took the end of 2013 to hit the studio and start working on every idea they had. With 2017 as the game changer, they're continually playing nationally and putting out some of the best music this band has created.

Introducing SILENT SEASON - a band whose emotional melodic rock, forthright message and unrelenting determination is anything but quiet.